Deep Tracks to Follow

Deep Tracks to Follow (North Star Press, 2014) a heartfelt memoir about the deep bond between Stark and his Labrador retriever.

Deep Tracks To Follow CoverDeep Tracks to Follow explores the mysterious and ancient bond that ties human and canine spirits together. Animal lovers of all shapes and sizes will see their hearts reflected on the pages of this book as they relate to Stark’s poetic description of the experiences and love between a family and man’s best friend.

As Stark writes, “When a little furball pup jumps into your tracks, he’s sure to climb into your heart as well.”

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“Dogs, like people, hopefully find themselves lucky enough to pursue what comes naturally to them, what evokes passion in them.  For me it was becoming a professional dog trainer. For Roy it was riding shotgun no matter where the trip took him.  Gene’s deep tracks made Roy, a once in a lifetime dog.  Enjoy as I did, Roy’s journey.  Learn what dedication to another soul is.  Whether human or canine we can all learn seven times as much from Roy.”  

~ Mandy Meyer
Owner Operator Kaos Kennels
-Certified Veterinary Technician
-Professional Trainer-Pet Enthusiast