A Balancing Act-August 21, 2016

Summer showers, ripening grapes, and birds on the wires are the miracles of the season.  Showers have popped up in recent weeks to water most crops in the area.  After some dry weeks, crops now look like they will finish well.  There lots of grapes on the vines and now it is a weekly ritual to taste them to see how the sugar content is increasing.  Birds now can be seen already staging for fall migration as they sit on the electric wires.  I’ve often wondered how those birds can balance on a single wire.  You never see even one of them lose their grip and end up hanging upside down.

It seems it’s all a balancing act out there, the birds, the dry and wet times, and even the grape crop which in some years is abundant and in other years is sparse; yet they are always sweet like the last weeks of summer.

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