A Dog’s Life-March 12, 2016

Today the sun shined and the temperature rose to the unimaginable 60 degree range.  For early March in Minnesota it was a note-worthy day.  We might wonder what to do with such a day, especially when it occurs on a weekend.

The dogs went outside and it didn’t take them long to show me what to do with such a day.  As humans we tend to think that a stellar day is meant for some long-put-off outside chores; or for some athletic endeavor, or even just a walk in the spring-like day.  These are all great things to do but the dogs had another idea.  Upon stepping outside they immediately found a dry spot in the sun, laid down and allowed the warm breeze to bring them the news.  With noses twitching they stretched out and relaxed, absorbing the sun and also absorbing whatever was happening down-wind.  Perhaps they smelled a deer bedded in the brush south of the house, or a newly-arrived pair of geese on the pond.  The remains of a dead pheasant now thawing in the grassland may have caught their attention, or maybe just the smell of fields as the wind sucked the frost from the dark soil and gave off the smell of spring.

I decided that dogs can multi-task on such a day and give the impression that they are just lazily enjoying the day.




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