A Good Read on a Cold Month-January 11. 2015

Hemi ReadingSunrise 1-11

My dog Hemingway decided that the month of January is a good month to curl up with a good book. The subzero weather is relentless and cold sunrises color frigid nights into ice crystal days. Yet, we nonetheless realize that January is the month of recovery. Days lengthen and on a calm, clear afternoon the beginning signs of spring are in the air: crows, with their upbeat and raucous calls summon their brethren to a fine chunk of dead road-kill and flocks of snow buntings flash in the sunlight of a snowy field. We gained 15 minutes of sunlight last week and although the sun is still low in the sky the long trek towards spring quickens just a bit. Those of us who live in a cold and snowy winter climate must be among the greatest of optimists. Enjoy a good book and savor the rare sunny days!



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