A Pollinator Weekend-Feb. 19, 2017

Glacial Ridge Growers spent the last three days at the “Pollinator Plaza” of the national Pheasant Fest event which was held at the Convention Center in Minneapolis.

We visited with many folks who are enthused about wildlife habitat and native pollinator plants.  The Pheasants Forever organization has always been focused on habitat improvement as the most important part of wildlife conservation efforts.  This year great emphasis was placed upon native pollinator plants which not only benefit our bees and butterflies, but also are essential to the survival of the young chicks of ground-nesting birds such as pheasants.

We now have many thousands of young pollinator plants growing in our greenhouses and it was fun to talk about the plants’ future at the event this weekend. Of course the event is also a celebration of one of our most beloved immigrants; the Ring-necked Pheasant.



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