Another Zone-April 8, 2017

Here in northern flyover country, we are in horticultural zones 3 or 4.  Although we have had an early and warmer than normal spring, there are still few signs of tree blooms or flowers.

Traveling a bit this week, we were able to experience another hardiness zone.  We traveled to Washington D.C. and found out what early April is like in hardiness zones 6 or 7.  Fruit trees were in bloom, last year’s fall-planted pansies wee exploding with color, and the bulb plants such as tulips and daffodils were in full bloom.

What a difference a zone or two can make!  We also found that the magnolia trees, which had begun to bloom, froze with a recent cold snap and so the magnolias had been fooled by the weather.  Every zone seems to have its quirks, and the weather always plays its usual tricks.



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