April Ice and Running Shoes

Although we have had thawing days, and snow covers only about a third of the landscape, causing the hilly fields to look like the sides of Holstein cows, we still seem behind in the spring department.

The lakes still have over three feet of ice and going out on the ice to get a meal of panfish is still quite doable. The morning found me out harassing bluegills and crappies through the ice. Yet, I felt it appropriate to put the cross country skis away. There was no urge to get the bike down from the rafters, but I did tie on the running shoes and take a short jog down the gravel road. It was good to use those jogging muscles; much different from the skiing muscles.

Flocks of geese are getting muddy feet in the fields and I wonder where they are finding enough open water to wash them. Yet the birds are anxious to promote spring, the robins are back in flocks; even the mourning doves and killdeers are here. Tundra swans and some diving ducks have ventured to the snowline and seem anxious to move on.

It may be a very compressed spring with a lot happening in a short time. Ice fishing and jogging aren’t usually compatible, but then we have never yet had an average year so we look for surprises each season and aren’t disappointed.



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