April Snow and Fish Pasta

I’ve decided that you should not put away your skis during any month that has an ‘R’ in it. It’s much like the long-john rule:  you can expect to need to wear your long-johns in any month that has an R in it. I suppose that these are Minnesota rules, but seemed to be holding quite true as I awoke to a snowstorm on April 11. The phone rang at 6 AM to inform me that the local school would be closed. I think the local school kids will be going to school until about the Fourth of July to make up all the snow days they have lost this winter.

We keep plodding along in the greenhouse, seeding on the usual dates, hoping that somehow we will catch up to the normal spring progression. The robins looked pretty forlorn this morning as they peered onto my deck, probably deciding it was the best place to perch this snowy morning. I’ve always been told that the robins get snowed on three times before spring sets in for real. I don’t know what to expect this year, since the robins actually returned when the ground was still mostly covered with snow.

I still had some fish left from my last foray out onto the ice of a local lake a few days ago. So here is my latest culinary concoction: I made up my usual homemade spaghetti sauce with frozen Roma tomatoes, frozen green peppers, onions and garlic, with some Italian seasoning, salt and pepper, along with a little brown sugar. I then cook some pasta.   Season the fish with salt and lemon pepper and cook it quickly in a hot pan with olive oil. I simply place the pasta onto a plate, put the fish on the pasta and top it all with my homemade spaghetti sauce and a little Parmesan cheese. A very Mediterranean dish on a very wintry day.



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