Are You Ready?-November 15, 2015

After such a long, mild, and beautiful fall season, we should be ready.  The forecast is for fall to end this week.

We can take our cue from nature.  The trees are bare and buds are hardened off to repel the sub-zero nights ahead.  The muskrats have built their big winter houses on the marshes.  Many folks seem to think that the size of muskrat houses indicates what the winter will be like.  I’ve never been able to draw any correlation or accurate prediction from this so-called indicator of the winter.  I think the size of the muskrat houses has more to do with how much material was available and how many able-bodied muskrats were available to build.

Now the waters of area lakes lay still in the morning, ready to be paralyzed to permanent, cold, compliance in the weeks ahead.  Yes, we must be ready for whatever winter has in store for us.  Some say that an El Nino in the Pacific Ocean will give us a bit of a break from the usual rigors of a Minnesota winter.  Possibly, that is true but maybe this is just a more modern version of the muskrat house theory.  We will see!




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