Ask the Plants in the Greenhouse-March 7, 2015


So what is it like to emerge from the dark soil, into the sunlight in the greenhouse?

“Some of my friends are slower than me. Their heads are still tucked in the dark soil, but I have pulled my dicot arms from the earth and raise them to the sun. Green now courses through my whole being; chlorophyll strengthens me and I reach toward the sun and embrace its power. There are millions of us sun worshipers in the greenhouse. We are all at different stages in our march to adult plant hood. We are indeed the fortunate ones to have been chosen for this sheltered life, basking in warmth long before plants could survive outside. We, in our sheltered island of thermal protection march ahead of our colleagues and bring promise of a fruitful summer ahead.”

“Our germination from the hard, cold realities of seed hood is like a resurrection of sorts, a new life from the old and a hope for the future.”



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