Bee and Baptisia-June 7, 2015

The succession of the native bloom is upon us as summer marches in. The early spring bloomers like Pasque Flower and Prairie Smoke are now receding and continuing their post-bloom show. The wild lupines are reaching to the sky and of course the wild blue indigo or Baptisia are spreading their fluorescent blue outside my office door.

Bees and butterflies ply these flowers as they have for centuries. These native plants have never let their dependents down, providing pollen and nectar each summer. These native plants ask little from us. They require no heavy applications of fertilizer, no drenches of fungicides or insecticides, and they grow with little attention. All they require from us is to give them a bit of space. Even the space they require is space they once owned, now they only ask us to give back a bit of our bluegrass lawn so they can work their magic upon the landscape.6-7-15



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