Blooming Potatoes, Dads, and Summer Storms-June 19, 2016

As my potatoes begin to bloom, I am reminded of my dad on this Father’s Day.  He talked of growing up on the family farm and how they hauled potatoes to town, to sell.  Potatoes were a ‘cash crop’ on an early 1900s farm, where cash was a rare commodity.  My dad always grew a garden and as he got older he often said he would quit gardening and just buy those vegetables, but every spring would find him out in the garden and those well-tended rows of vegetables continued to appear every summer.

I think it is good that some things don’t change.  Even the weather continues in similar patterns and we find ourselves, most summers, hoping for a shower of rain, but when ominous clouds appear to the west, we always are reminded to be careful what we wish for.

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