Canine GPS-December 7, 2014

Trigger 12-7

Returning home from a trip to another part of the state, I set my GPS for home. As I began the return trip I noticed that my faithful canine companion (our chocolate Labrador retriever) began to react to our route. He seemed to anticipate our return home and as we approached the familiar roads leading to our house, he seemed to respond with ever-increasing excitement. It dawned on me that the new gadget we call a GPS, which helps us find our way around, is not a new concept to dogs.

Nations have spent unbelievable sums of money to put satellites into space and have developed devices to find our location on the earth by picking up signals from these satellites. Dogs have had this system for thousands of years. I have no idea what drives their system since satellites are only a recent thing and canines have been able to find their way around long before the advent of satellites. I fondly remember the movie “Lassie Come Home” produced in 1943 in which the dog Lassie uses his GPS to return to his young master. The miracle of migrating animals also comes to mind as I think about this phenomenon. What I know for certain is that my dog doesn’t seem to get lost and certainly has some type of GPS which I assume refers to Global Pawsitioning System.



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