Cattail Pollen, Weather Dogs, and First Fruits-June 25, 2016

Today my trusty Labrador retriever seemed especially attentive as he lay on the deck.  His nose twitched constantly, his ears were as much at attention as a Lab’s ears can be.  He went onto the lawn long enough to eat some grass.  I knew then that my chief canine meteorologist was rendering a forecast.  Certainly he was predicting rain, and so his record of meteorological accuracy was once again born out as a shower popped up late in the afternoon.  It really wasn’t much of a shower, but the TV weather forecasters seldom predict amounts.  What can one expect for a cup of “Blue Buffalo?”

As the dog’s nose twitched, I assume it was picking up on the cattail pollen.  When you live in an area with as much marshland as we have, being allergic to cattail pollen is not a good thing.  This pollen will soon pass as summer progresses.

Lacinato kale has thrived so far this summer.  Stir-fry and smoothies are again very tasty as the gardening season continues.  There is still plenty of time to plant more of the very nutritious cole crops.  Having some late plantings to mature in the cool fall weather is very rewarding.  Of course having a good meteorologist on board makes gardening a breeze.




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