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March Fish on Ice

March is a month of contrast and transition. Some of the best ice fishing for pan-fish occurs from now until ice-out. Yet, signs of spring also abound at this time of year. The Canada geese returned this past week. They seem to arrive earlier each season as they continue to have record populations. I think there is great competition among them to claim a nesting area for spring. The pairs sit on the ice of the still- frozen ponds to let other geese know the spot is taken.


Our snow melted rapidly last week as we finally got temperatures above freezing and the south winds really ‘ate’ the snow cover, yet the lakes have over three feet of ice on them and driving on the ice is still quite possible. The sunfish ‘bite’ is getting better on area lakes and in keeping with this I acquired a new fish recipe from my sister-in-law.


The recipe is quite simple to make and very delicious. Simply place the fish fillets into a glass baking dish. Brush the fillets with an egg wash which is made by simply beating eggs together with either water or milk. Then cover the fillets with a layer of almond meal or if you prefer any other type of baking or frying coating. I like to add a bit of Italian seasoning to this as well but it’s up to your taste. Pour melted butter over the fillets. Then grate Parmesan cheese over the top. Bake the fillets at 500° for about 15 to 20 minutes. Watch them carefully, when they are crusted and brown they are done. The March to spring continues with good local eating.



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