Classic Sunsets-January 3, 2016

Whether the blazing orb of life on earth spends the last moments of a day  submerging into the white sand and warmth of a tropical sea or sliding into a snowbound northern prairie, it is always an epic moment.

Very few times are more magical than sunsets.  Perhaps sunsets are meant to be a period or an exclamation point to a day, whether busy or relaxed.  As the same sun, sets into either snow or white sand at the same moment, different thoughts accompany those who observe the phenomenon.  Perhaps it is a period to punctuate a day spent relaxing on the beach.  Perhaps it is an exclamation point as the darkness ushers in plunging temperatures and a sub-zero night on the windswept prairie.  Maybe all sunsets leave a question mark which gives wonder to the approaching night or to the day beyond.1-3-15a1-3-16b



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