Digging in the Organic Garden and a Less-known Pollinator Blooms-July 3, 2016

Just as the remains of last year’s potato crop is finished, a trip to the garden yields some early and very nice Red Norland potatoes.  Planted early, they were set aback by a hard freeze in May, but still have produced a very early crop.  What a treat for the 4th of July weekend!

Meanwhile, a somewhat obscure, yet very handsome native plant begins to bloom.  The Amorpha canescens, commonly known as the Lead Plant is now in bloom, with its purple flowers which attract bees and butterflies.  It has a deep and extensive root system, making it a great choice for stabilizing those dry slopes. It is also a legume which fixes nitrogen into the soil.  Truly a multitasker of the plant world.

photo (81)7-14b



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