Dog, Blog: The Pup Grows Up

Hemi - 10-18-2Hemi - 10-18

We’ve gone from eight weeks old to sixteen weeks old and “Hemingway” has gone from 12 pounds to 32 pounds. Of course he eats twice as much as our older Labrador retriever and commands much more than twice our attention. If we were to reckon his age by the rule that for each year of life, a dog gains seven years of “dog- age” I guess he is now in his “terrible twos.”

He has learned the word “no,” if for no other reason than he has heard it thousands of times. There are so many “nos” in a puppy’s life: cords, hampers, trash bins, the list goes on. He still finds it exciting, at times, to bring me my socks, or shoes, or anything else he might find. Those of us who have Labradors though, are actually happy to have a dog who wants to bring us things. It seems to be part of the retriever instinct, and he loves to retrieve. It’s the one thing that settles him down and he concentrates so hard on finding retrieving dummies and then quickly returning them to me so I can throw them again.

He now has a few fleeting moments when he actually lies on the rug and watches me, with forehead wrinkled in questioning concentration. We hope the most trying times of house training and raw “puppyness” are behind us, but I fear that will not come until he triples his weight again, and then it may take a second mortgage to pay for his food.




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