Dog Days


It’s the season here in flyover country when we need only step out the door for the freshest food available on the planet. All of the vegetables are now in season and the special delights of sweet corn, homegrown melons, cucumbers, and tomatoes are in crazy abundance.


The weather has been clear and we have been having 90° days. Of course the produce matures quickly with such weather, but we really need rain. We decided to freeze sweet corn today, despite the heat, because we felt we should take advantage of the high quality of the corn, lest the drought continue and render the later plantings inferior.


The other night a bit of fishing gave us some nice sunfish to cook with the vegetables. We did a great fish bake; laying yellow summer squash on the bottom of the dish and then alternating sunfish filets onions and sweet yellow peppers, with lemon -pepper, salt, and dill as seasoning. Topped off with cheese and baked for a half an hour at 400° it was a delightful concoction. It was so good that although I wanted a picture of the dish, it was gone before I could get the camera out.


It’s been hot, but we usually have a pretty good breeze out here so it’s tolerable. My trusty Labrador retriever on the other hand, who really doesn’t enjoy life much until the temperatures are about 10 to 15 degrees above zero Fahrenheit, has been a bit lethargic. Of course soon he will be in his glory and will be happy we froze sweet corn tonight.




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