Eating Local While Vacationing on the Outer Banks

Eating Local by the Sea

What could be better than fish caught from the Atlantic?  We caught them ourselves, cleaned and fried the fish, just minutes from the water.  Paired up with freshly picked sweet corn from North Carolina, and a fine local wine, the meal was eaten as the waves crashed in from the blue Atlantic.  The fried new potatoes were admittedly brought from our garden in Minnesota, but what better way to tie the local cuisine of flyover country together.  It’s a simple meal: fish which was pan-fried in olive oil, butter, and salt and pepper; sweet corn boiled and seasoned with butter and salt; raw fried potatoes seasoned with rosemary and pepper complementing the fresh fish.  Wine and crashing surf — what better sides than that!  For dessert a family of dolphins swam by our little deck by the sea.



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