Fall Colors


We are miraculously still in a frost- free land. We have escaped September without having had the great equalizer of frost put all the plants onto an equal footing. The tomatoes still ripen under green foliage, and even the beautiful melons still ripen with their rainbow of colors: yellow, red, and orange.


Indeed the usual fall colors of maples, sumac, and poplars have begun their pulsing display. We have watched the black and white of early spring transform into the green of summer and now the bronzed grasses have been encircled by the trees that have become torches of brightness.


Fall is much like the fireworks on the 4th of July. The colors begin to burst in random spots and then finally it is the grand finale of the Fourth of July, with fireworks filling the sky. Now the colors of fall fill the land with endless shots of brilliance everywhere.


We know it’s only borrowed time now, for here in the northern reaches of flyover country the ‘white death’  is certain to strike soon and send us back into the black and white of the long cold season.



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