Fall Showers-Fall Back


Daylight Savings Time

The splendor of the fall landscape, backed by a double rainbow is a spectacular sight. It brings to mind the subject of fall, which reminds me that tonight we ‘fall back’ an hour as so-called “daylight savings time” comes to an end. This is the change that pretty much assures most working folks that they will probably not see their home in daylight during the weekdays until next spring. It also assures me that my puppy will wake up an hour earlier tomorrow and there will be no extra hour of sleep. We will also now have the feeling that the sun is setting an hour earlier, as if we needed to speed the process of shortening our perceived days. At this time of year we are losing plenty of day length without adding the extra hour of darkness all at one time. The shortened evening daylight occurs just in time to get us indoors an hour earlier so we can enjoy more of the enlightening political ads on TV.




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