February Running Shoes

Running Shoes

Cross-country skiing is great exercise and also great fun. It’s been a mainstay activity now for months. Yet when the temperature soars to five or six degrees above zero, I am hit with the urge to run, to utilize some motions that skiing doesn’t provide. Maybe it’s the feel of feet upon solid ground that tantalizes me, although most solid ground still has compacted snow or ice on it. Certainly, tomorrow I’ll snap the skis on again but today I’ll run a bit. No, it’s not running- shoe weather but felt- lined boots will do for a short foray into another season.


The dog heads for the ski trail, out of winter habit, and gives me a very quizzical look as I head down the plowed driveway with only my boots on. Thumping  along on compacted snow, I am trying to push the season much like the fabled groundhog. After all, he saw his shadow and promised us only another six weeks of winter. We can’t lose on the groundhog deal out here in northern flyover country. Immediate spring at the beginning of February would be phenomenal, but another six weeks of winter taking us into mid-March would be good as well. Who are we kidding? Groundhogs would never poke their heads out in February around here, only Minnesota people and their loyal dogs come out in February.



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