Finding the Past in the Grass-August 29, 2015

It was near one of the wetlands on our place.  Tall native grass and a few trees have taken the area over.  It’s where I stumbled onto the past.

Half-hidden in the tall grass, the remnants of a one-hundred-year old implement jumped out at me and nearly tripped me.  Here was a bit of history, abandoned long ago in a spot too wet to farm.  The old steel wheels of some haying or planting implement are now half buried by years of rain and erosion.

I imagined a farmer, perhaps driving his last team of horses before the miracle of gasoline tractors rocked his world.  I wondered if maybe he got the implement stuck there, late on a summer day, unhitched the tired horses and vowed he would buy a new implement, carried on rubber tires, maybe pulled by a tractor.

I wondered too, if the new-fangled investment led him to prosperity or put him into insurmountable debt.


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