Finter has Arrived-November 8, 2015

One of the local weathermen decided that the time of year when it’s too cold to be fall, but too warm to be winter, should be called “Finter.”  It is a pivotal time of year.  Our cold frames are now filled with plants for next season.  The tundra swans have begun to fly over, flyover country, headed from the far north to the warmer climes.

The deer hunting seasons are open; time for venison-lovers to fill their freezers.  The crops are almost all harvested and the time of change is upon us.  The slow transition of fall has surrendered to the quick change of the season.

Cropland turned over, hanging bucks, and bare trees now herald the next season.  “Finter” has arrived, soon it will trade its ‘F’ for a ‘W.’




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