Fire and Ice-April 5, 2015

Ice 4-6Coleus 4-6

What words of wisdom do the Coleus have for us in early April?

“We are living in crowded conditions in the greenhouse, packed into our small plugs of dirt. This is the week however, when some of us move to more spacious quarters, since we will be transplanted to bigger pots. We Coleus are pretty tender and wouldn’t dream of going outside yet, with frost a regular visitor at night. I’ve heard there is ice remaining on the lakes and that means there is probably some frost left in the ground as well. I believe that most of my fellow greenhouse residents will agree that we all need to grow up a bit more before moving out from our protected environment. Of course we Coleus show our true, fiery colors earlier than some of our flowering friends but we are all headed for the same summer environment and the others will grow up and flower soon enough.”




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