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Utility Dog

Most dog-lovers will at some point have a dog that they consider phenomenal; a very special dog. Most of our dogs however, are just average; just good companions, hunting partners, and family friends. These are what I think of as “utility dogs.” They are adept at finding the most comfortable place in the house to lie-down; they obey the house rules, and greet visitors. They are all wonderful dogs and we certainly love them.


We have a chocolate Labrador at present. He has a very sweet disposition, is obedient, does a good job in the field as a hunter, requires only the occasional scratch behind the ear, and entertains us with his laid-back yawns and scratches as he sprawls on our living room rug. He’s our “utility dog.” He’s just a good old “flyover average” dog. He seems especially happy to be able to lie on the deck now that the weather has finally warmed up. Check out my latest book “Deep Tracks to Follow” about our last dog that went beyond “utility.”





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