Flyover Thanksgiving-Nov. 27, 2014

Fish 11-30

Fish Houses 1

Thanksgiving here in flyover country can include a wide range of activities. I have seen the rare Thanksgiving when we have actually barbecued on the deck in short sleeves. This Thanksgiving was not one of those. Our high temperature was in the single digits and the afternoon entertainment involved ice=fishing. In fact the last two Thanksgivings have found us with safe ice for fishing, but this is the first Thanksgiving I have seen cars and trucks driving on the ice of some of our frozen lakes.

We always seem to include some outdoor activities in our Thanksgiving celebration. After a family gathering with food and conversation, activities can include anything from pheasant and duck hunting, muzzleloader deer hunting, or a mini marathon run around the farm, such as all the grandkids participated in last Thanksgiving. This Thanksgiving some of our older kids did a 5K run early in the morning when the temperature was between five and ten degrees below zero.

For me and a couple of sons-in-law, a brisk walk out to a favorite fishing spot was exercise enough and yielded some fish for a later meal.  As Forrest Gump, might say, “Thanksgiving is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get.”




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