Gardening-June 11, 2017

It’s the time of year when gardeners tend their crop.  Most gardeners will agree that the enjoyment of gardening is far more than the fresh vegetables they get for their work.  In fact the work itself is part of the joy along with the sound of a loon calling in the distance or the unique smell of freshly- tilled earth, or the sight of the clean rows after hoeing and weeding is completed.  The joy of seeing a grape vine agree to head in the direction you hoped it would, finally following the trellis, can make a gardener’s day.  The sight of a bee alighting on a wildflower gives the gardener a feeling of peace and harmony.  Perhaps the best experience of all is to walk in the garden in the evening, just to enjoy the quiet, the blossoms, the smells, and the intricate shadows that are woven upon the soil and plants as the garden rests from its busy day.



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