Gifts from our Neighbors-July 5, 2015

july 5bjuly 5


As I walked out of the office door, I saw that the Ratibida columnifera is in bloom. It has a number of common names but the most descriptive is “Mexican Hat.” It carries the gift of a name from our international neighbor to the south. All the talk of immigration makes me think of some of the things we get from places beyond the borders of flyover country USA. As I walked outside the other morning I saw another gift from our international neighbor to the north. The smoky haze from forest fires in Canada has been a persistent phenomenon the last few days. Maybe not the greatest gift, but it brings to mind the warm summer days in the North Country. Summer fires and their smoke have been around a long time. The old song with the lyrics about, ”those crazy, hazy days of summer” come to mind.

I guess that smoke, Mexican Hats, and immigrants have all been around a long time and will probably continue to bring a variety of additions to flyover country.




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