Grandkids and Summer Sunnies

Fish Filets
We just call them “sunnies” around here. Down south I think they call them “brim” and a lot of places they’re called bluegills, but here sunfish are usually called “sunnies.”

Sunnies are the perfect fish for young kids to catch, big kids like them as well, and the folks who eat fish find them truly delightful. On a recent evening we took grandkids out to a local Lake to catch some sunnies. Sunfish seem to have a style that fits young kids. They are a fish that is active, ready to bite on a simple bait, and aggressive enough to keep kids of all ages interested. Plain hooks or jigs baited with worms were the not- so -secret bait. Such baits, dropped to the bottom near the weed- growth- line, which was around 10 feet deep, kept both fish and kids very active.

Of course nice- sized sunfish are always a fish- lover’s delight. Pan-fried, the fillets are always perfect. I took a bit of a different tack on cooking this meal of fish. I decided to grill the whole meal. New potatoes, onions, zucchini, and green beans were all wrapped in tin foil with olive oil and spices. These were then put onto the grill to cook. The sunfish are prepared for grilling by simply filleting off the two sides of each fish, but instead of removing the skin, I left the complete skin on each side, scales and all. After putting olive oil, garlic, salt, and pepper on the meat side of each fillet, I put them on the hot grill, meat side down, for just a quick minute. Then they were placed scale side down to finish on a covered hot grill. The skin protects the fillets from burning and holds them together as they cook through from the bottom. Grandkids and sunnies are great providers of summer delights.



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