Greenhouse Plants Talk about Spring-March 1, 2015

March 1-1

We decided to ask the plants to tell us their thoughts as they prepare for spring.  Many of the native perennials have been seeded since last fall and placed into our cooler in cold/moist conditions.

What is it like in the cooler as the snow lays on the ground outside and the temperatures still hover around zero?

“It is so cool and dark in here. The humidity and cool environment is causing many of us to think about breaking out. I never thought I’d be ready to leave the cozy world of dormancy, but the urge to germinate dominates my consciousness now. Perhaps if I were frozen solid like my buddies out in the wild I’d be more content, but this cool, moist environment is giving me the jitters.”

“I am told it will be soon; we will be placed into the warmth of the greenhouse to germinate and grow. I can hardly wait. Some of my friends here in the cooler clearly won’t wait. The Liatris  is already sending out a root (some call it a radical.) Well those guys tend to be pretty radical anyway.”

Next week we will hear from other young sprouts.



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