Harvesting December Grapes-December 13, 2015

We of course picked all the fruit from our grapevines in September.  The grapes were crushed and are now merrily fermenting, trying to become all they can be to represent the 2015 vintage.

December, is when we harvest a second and perhaps more important grape crop.  This week, capitalizing on the unusually warm weather, we took cuttings from our vines.  We were harvesting the wood that will become the next crop of grape plants.

The wood is cut and then sectioned into the smaller pieces that become the stock to be propagated in the greenhouse.  We are licensed to propagate Marquette and Frontenac Gris and the potential held in these now-dormant cuttings is great.  We have had good success with these varieties.  The grapes are of very high quality for making wine and their hardiness is very good for grapes of such high quality.  If they can survive in northwest Minnesota, they can survive almost anywhere that grapes are grown.

So this week we look ahead to next spring as we seed many perennials in the greenhouse and we harvest new plants from our grapevines.  Although we are now in the shortest days of the year, we are already beginning next spring’s growing season.




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