Ice-Out-Not Yet-May 3, 2013

Ice Out-Not Yet-May 3, 2013
I heard there was a lot of traffic on the interstate today. After all, it is May and folks tend to come up to the lake country to put in docks and boats. It’s usually a good weekend to prepare the cabin for next weekend’s fishing opener.
The surprise is that all the hopeful weekenders will find that the lakes are not open yet. We are indeed flirting with record territory in the area of the lateness of lakes opening up. Perhaps folks will be treated to the event, forced to sit and watch as the ice melts and surges in front of the pulsing wind. ‘Ice out’ is pretty much a spectator sport. There is little anyone can do to speed it up or slow it down. It will progress at its own speed. All we can do is stay out of the way if the ice decides to pile up on our shore.
We are a society convinced that we can change and possibly improve everything, yet we are helpless when it comes to changing the weather or its results. I would guess a little beer and popcorn might be the best thing to make the ice out even better. It’s the best show in town. The admission is cheap yet the event can be spectacular, especially if a big wind decides to pile the ice high and far into the shoreline. Keep those docks and boats out of the way! Then just watch and learn. There is some closure in the ‘ice out.’ It’s the official end of winter. I was always taught not to work the soil of the garden or field until the ice is gone from the lakes. We will watch closely next the few days. Good Friday is long past and my potatoes need to get planted! In the meantime watching ice melt is just as much fun as watching it freeze!



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