“Ice Up”

Ice UpSun Dogs

We have just experienced one of the shortest ice free seasons I can remember. After a record- late opening up of our lakes last spring, which occurred in mid-May, we have had our lakes ice over again in mid-November. It’s a tough decision here in northern flyover country whether to spend money on running shoes or ice skates. Do I own a fishing boat or fancy ice-fishing house? Maybe an ice auger is a better investment than a post- hole digger. It seems to be pretty much six months to one or half-year to the other.


At least we never get too bored with the weather. As temperatures plunged to subzero levels today, the ice on our lakes seems pretty much assured until next spring. The good news is that now freshly -caught fish are again a menu option, as the early ice “bite” is occurring on area lakes.


The day dawned sunny and “sun dogs” surrounded the sun in a spectacular cold weather display. I was told by someone today that the sub-zero sting of the wind chill made them feel so alive. My thought was to not stay in the wind-chill too long lest you begin to feel not- so- alive.



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