It’s a Roundabout World-November 13, 2016

It has finally happened.  A roundabout has been built in our little portion of flyover country.  Not everyone is certain why such a complicated traffic control system was necessary.  People have gotten by with plain old stop signs for a long time and everything seemed to flow along nicely.  The roundabout has caused some apprehension among area drivers who now need to navigate the new addition.

To be certain there is the possibility of a combine having difficulty negotiating the circle and tractors with a couple of grain boxes in tow might find they can’t quite make the turn, but we are getting used to the new intersection.  There have been no riots as yet, protesting the new addition to our road system.

The folks out here in rural flyover country seem to mostly adapt as change happens.  Perhaps, there is a lesson here, where people seem to know that nearly everything is much like our weather; it is bound to change.




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