It’s Back!-Time to Hibernate-Nov. 9, 2014


Just when we thought it was safe to go outside; it looms its ugly reality before us again. Yes, the polar vortex returns.

It apparently found a safe haven where it was able to hide during the summer and now as we hope for at least a few more days of Indian summer it rears its ugly head to our north and promises to pounce southward with a vengeance.

Already the forecasts call for near zero temperatures t week with snow and an ugly north wind. November should still have a bit of sanity left; maybe a day or two in the fifties and some tolerable days to hunt a few pheasants and maybe enjoy a comfortable day in the deer woods.

This year we are promised an early attack from the polar vortex. It seems to me that the concept of “global warming” was much more palatable than a new idea they call “climate change,” yet, as I look back at the records I see that there have been numerous bouts with zero temperatures in November and snow has certainly not been a stranger during the month either. As usual, the raccoon have fed heavily and are ready to den-up as a snow storm approaches.

Maybe it’s the terminology that really scares us and after the news media have squeezed as much sensationalism as they can from the doomsday weather, we are just stuck with another gray, cold series of November days that really seem suspiciously like many that I remember in the past.




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