Jack in the Pulpit Preaches to the Plants in the Greenhouse-April 18, 2015


So many of our plant friends are springing up in the greenhouse that it’s hard to decide who to interview.  Finally I asked, “Mr. Jack in the Pulpit, what is your take on spring in the greenhouse?”

“Many of our flora -friends are now beginning to leave the sheltered life of the greenhouse. I must send them off with words of encouragement and admonition. First, I want to say that during their life in the greenhouse they have been much protected from the many perils that could threaten them in the outdoor world. Obviously they have been nurtured by the precise environmental controls of their indoor world. Computer accuracy controls temperature and ventilation. They have also been protected from pests with our fleet of beneficial insects that are released and encouraged to patrol the greenhouse, controlling the pests that might attack our plants. Of course the precise irrigation system keeps them fed and watered with just the correct amounts.”

“So I say to all of you my fellow plants, beware as you venture out! But be assured that your life outside the greenhouse will be exciting and beautifully productive. You have been well prepared and will stand up to the challenges before you.”



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