Kayak Fishing

Yak AttackDinner and entertainment

There is nothing like a pristine, gin-clear Lake full of hungry fish to inspire a fisherman in flyover country. Some of these quiet little gems are hard to access with conventional boats, but a light, easily- landed kayak can be the perfect vehicle to explore these waters.


It’s an exercise in simplicity. One only needs a spinning reel or two, a selection of hooks and sinkers, along with a small box of night crawlers or leeches for bait. If you need a meal of “sunnies,” take a long the live well; which is the old-fashioned stringer.


As one glides silently along, the fish seem to pay little attention to the tiny craft and one has the feeling of stalking the fish; more like being on a silent hunt than a fishing expedition. Besides the fishing, it is possible to quietly view a doe and her fawn as they come down to the water. The other fishermen (egrets and pelicans) seem to use the same silent tactic to satisfy their fishing needs.


If the goal is to merely go out and catch fish, the “yak attack” may not be for you. To become as one with the Lake and its surroundings and catch a meal of fish as a bonus, give the other ‘personal watercraft’ a try.





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