“Making Garden” April 17, 2016

My mom used to “make garden.”  It usually happened in late May when she believed there was no longer any chance of frost.  We’d go out, dig up the garden and plant everything.  Lettuces, radishes, potatoes, and other cool season vegetables would all be planted.  Then we would also plant tomato plants, green beans and all the warm-loving vegetables, as well.

Now I do my kitchen garden in stages.  I’ve planted potatoes and will very soon plant onions, peas, and cole crops and lettuces.  These are all crops that can stand a bit of frost and not be damaged.

I will wait for the soil to warm and the chance of frost to be over, before I continue with tomatoes, peppers, green beans etc.  Usually I will save a spot for sweet potatoes and melons to be planted when it is nearly June.  The later-planted crops can be put into a less-weed-prone situation, since I can till it a couple of times as the weeds germinate, to clean the ground of weeds before planting the vegetables.

It’s nice not to do it all at one time and makes perfect sense from a weather standpoint as well.





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