Man-Made Hail and Snow Dogs

Trigger in Snow

I took a bucket of water outside today and tossed it from the deck. It froze before it hit the ground. It hit the ground like a hailstorm. Yes, it’s pretty cold out there. They say it’s the coldest weather in 20 years. If you are older than 20 I guess you can now lay claim to the “good old days” when the winters were really severe.


My chocolate Labrador retriever really loves the cold. He doesn’t even enjoy running a lot until the temperatures reach the single digits above zero. I have noticed lately, with the temperatures well below zero that he goes out for his usual roll in the snow, but doesn’t seem to stay out as long as normal. After a quick frolic in the cold whiteness, he promptly does what he needs to do outside and is very quickly ready to bring his snow-covered body back into the house.


This is the kind of weather that encourages activities like scrubbing the floor or re-caulking the sink. What’s really crazy is that when the temperatures get back to single digits above zero we will be ready for some cross-country skiing or a little ice fishing. We are a crazy bunch up here in northern flyover country!



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