March is Out, Easter is In

March is out, Easter is in, and the religious symbolism of Easter is that of lambs lying down with lions, proclaiming the true peace of Easter.  It occurs to me that the Easter message seems to be evident in the weather as well as Scripture.  I can’t figure out if temperatures in the twenties with a strong northwest wind, breathing a biting wind chill is lamb- like or lion- like. As I look outside at our Easter Sunday I see that it is brilliant, even dazzling, with the snow cover on the ground and the perfect cloudless sky. It seems lamb -like in its beauty with no storm clouds evident anywhere, yet it is cold and actually way below normal.

Maybe that is the mystery that we find both in the Easter message and also in the weather. The beauty of it all is that out here in flyover country lambs and lions do indeed co-mingle and we are assured that at the beginning of April we are certainly headed in the right direction.  We must believe that March is indeed going out like a lamb and spring will surely follow on the heels of Easter.



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