Minnesota Trappers Poised for the New Fur Boom


Minnesota and other northern states are positioned geographically to supply some of the highest quality fur in the world. After decades of oversupply and under- harvest of our high quality fur resource, the demand for warm, durable fur garments has re-surged.


The biggest player in the worldwide market for wild fur is now China. China has great potential to manufacture and utilize large quantities of fur. As trapping seasons open here in flyover country, trappers can once again expect to realize reasonable profits for their hard work. Rural, young- folks who have faced the prospect of few part-time jobs during the current recession, can now look to the wild countryside for a source of income.


After publishing my book “Tracks in the Mud” North Star Press 2012, a historical memoir about the great fur boom of the 1970s, I wondered if such good times for trappers would return. Now it appears that barring any drastic economic change in the worldwide scene, the dream of the freedom and adventure of the trap line may again become a reality for many outdoor-loving folks.



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