Naming the Pup

Hemingway Reading

Picking a name for a new dog is an extremely difficult task.  The first hurdle is to arrive at some sort of theme.  The last two dogs were easy because my dad liked the singing cowboys, Gene Autry and Roy Rodgers.  Roy was a good dog name, readily accepted by the family.  Trigger made perfect sense when he became Roy’s partner.

Now we embark upon a new theme.  We just can’t seem to accept the tried and true, albeit loathsome triteness of Fido, Rover, or God forbid ‘Frisky.’  So what should the theme of the new dog’s name be?  I know someone who has named his dogs after trees.  Certainly names like ‘Willow’ or ‘Linden’ are not bad.  We toyed with using wildflower names, but who wants to walk around shouting “Coneflower, come” or “Sit Rudbeckia.”

Finally I settled upon naming the little pup after an author.  The little puppy already has a certain learned look about him; seems thoughtful and intelligent.

“Oh Sandford, oh Sandford.”  Forget that idea!

“How about ‘Crichton,’” someone suggested.

“Lie down ‘Crite.’” Nope, not doing that!

“How about ‘Grisham?’”

“Shortens down to ‘Grish.’”  No way.

“How about ‘Fitzgerald?’”

By this time naming a pup was giving me Fitz.

Then “Hemingway” came up.  Visions of the great fiction of “The Old Man and the Sea” or the vivid non-fiction of “Green Hills of Africa” and even the volumes of poetry sprung into my mind.  Truly an eclectic author after my own heart!  Hemingway shortens down to “Hemi” which should roll off the tongue nicely.  So “Hemingway” it is!



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