North Dakota Dreamin’

ND Wind ChimesA week spent in North Dakota flyover country is always special. As I watched distant hills turn from copper to gray and back again as clouds raced past blue sky, I realized once again the vastness and grandeur of the Western plains.

As seems to be usual for me as I venture to North Dakota, snow was to be a part of my visit. The highlands between Bismarck and Dickinson became snow-covered in the early morning hours of a couple of days. We also found several areas where the big snowstorm of October fifth still left drifts a couple of weeks later. That storm was devastating, flattening crops and grassland. Pheasants were also victims of the unseasonably heavy and intense snowstorm.

When it comes to sheer numbers, the Black Angus residents of the area are definitely the most prevalent. They, along with the human inhabitants, always seemed ready for a friendly visit. Crop harvest in North Dakota seems to be at a standstill as abundant precipitation has held up activity. Corn, sunflowers, and soybeans were still mostly in the fields. The rural roads ranged from extremely muddy to impassable even with four-wheel drive. I brought back so much North Dakota real estate on my truck that I feared I would be charged North Dakota property taxes. Maybe that is why some folks prefer to fly over North Dakota. Their loss!



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