On and Off Spring

Spring in the GreenhouseNative Spring

The old adage about the robins getting snowed on three times after they return surely resonated this past week. The first robins I have seen were last Sunday and this week we had two snowfalls wrapped around a nice day in the middle of the week. Today both snowfalls have melted and it is a fine spring day.


The greenhouse is now showing color on certain flowers, yet the outside landscape still looks pretty dormant. The natives are getting restless in our prairie and soon some green may begin to replace the golden hues of last year’s native plants.


The geese, swans, and a few early ducks are in migration mode while ice fishing is still very possible on at least a couple of feet of ice. I still saw trucks on one lake today. We forge on with complete optimism in the greenhouses, planting seeds each day that we hope will find a home outside within a few short weeks. Spring is hard to savor some years as it flashes past so rapidly.



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