Our Weather is Certainly Global Charming

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Out here in flyover country, I think that the topic of climate change is perhaps more ‘ho-hum’ than it might be in other areas. We happen to live in a region where the weather fluctuates more than anywhere else on the planet.

The current spring is a good example. In the month of May we have gone from 80° weather earlier in the month, to freezing temperatures and snow flurries lately. Our severe drought status has changed to flooded fields as many places have gotten five or six inches of rain during the last week. Yet, the geese seem to have pulled off a very usual hatch, averaging six to eight goslings each, the wild lupines have begun to bloom outside my office door, and the lilac blossoms made their timely appearance around Mother’s Day. The swallows are back building their mud nests in every available nook and crevice, and the corn crop is beginning to poke its initial and tentative fingers through the soil’s surface. Water temperatures in the area lakes are currently running in the quite normal range of fifty-five to sixty-five degrees and fishing seems to be pretty typical for late May.

How can all of these things maintain such a regular rhythm as the weather fluctuates madly on a daily basis? How can change foster the static outcomes we seem to observe each season? Despite all the daily changes, things seem to achieve some kind of norm. Out here in flyover country we never really experience much ‘average’ weather, just the eccentric components of the average we call ‘normal.’




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