Perfect Days of Fall-October 22, 2016

Today the most stellar day of the year dawned clear, with a touch of frost.  The golden sun illuminated a clear blue sky and we embarked upon a day of golden splendor.  It was a day of picking late-season cole crops, freezing celery for the winter, tilling the garden, and mowing grass in preparation for winter.

Last week, such a day found me on the wide open prairie of western North Dakota.  It was a rare day, with little wind, 60 degree temperatures, and clear skies.  After a lunch, enjoyed with a ten mile view, a short siesta upon the prairie grass rewarded me and my trusty Labrador retriever with a spectacle not observed by many.  The Sandhill crane migration was taking place and certainly tens of thousands of the gangly birds flew over in continuous vees.  Their stuttering, high-pitched calls filled the sky as we lay back and watched in awe.  The local folks opined that the crane migration portends the end of fall by about two weeks.  Enjoy the October splendor while you can!





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