Today we were given a sunny day in Flyover Country.  Sunny days in November are rare in these parts, but shimmering frost-covered prairie grasses gave way to forty degree relative warmth.  A southerly breeze slide a little Dixie warmth our way and even as thin, clear ice held on the ponds and marshes, the fields looked October-like and begged a stroll around the perimeter of the farm.

Of course this time of year I was obligated to invite my trusty Labrador retriever to accompany me along with my twelve gauge shotgun.  The edges of the grassland border some harvested fields and as hoped, a few wily late-season pheasants were feeding along these borders.  Good numbers of hens were flushed, boding well for the future of the flock, but  amazingly a crafty old rooster also flushed and my dilemma as to what to have for supper was solved.

As always, a sinple savory meal began to emerge in my mind.  After cleaning the bird, I fileted the breast meat from the bones and also removed the legs and thighs.  Immediately the thought of Delicata squash saved from last summer’s garden blended with the idea of pheasant.  I added a baked potato from the garden and the meal was complete.

The pheasant was seasoned with salt, pepper, garlic, and sage; sautéed a bit and covered with my dressing consisting of a grated onion, a grated apple , and a bit of sage.  I also added just a small portion of Stovetop Stuffing to the mixture to firm it up.  I covered the pheasant with the dressing mixture right in the cast iron skillet, covered it and put it into the oven with the potatoes, and squash at 300 degrees.  I allowed it all to bake for two hours.

Oh yeah, even in November, life can be good in Flyover Country.



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