Picking a Pup


It’s a jumbled mass of hair and paws, tails askew, rolling, tumbling, and mingling on the grass. Somehow we must sort and sift, evaluate and choose. It’s a male we want, so six are ruled out and five are left. Now the real sorting; the choice of big or small, runt or athlete, is before us. Two stand out, challenging each other, competing for the toy, their energy equal.


The final pick comes down to the flash of some innate wisdom in a clear blue eye, or perhaps it is just the color, one lighter and one darker. In the end it boils down to which shades of hair we want to sweep up each day. With a chocolate lab already in the home, dark rugs are an advantage but now we’ve selected a light yellow pup so there is little help in trying to match new rugs or furniture with both a dark and light colored dog in the house. But we’ve decided and the hair consequences are our own fault. The adage for us is: “you can’t pick your relatives, but you can pick your pup.” The final choice though, is always in the heart.


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